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Sonny T. Martinez GG, JBM, AJA, AJP

Sonny T. Martinez began his career in the jewelry industry with Tulper & Co. Jewelry and Watch Repair in Denver, CO in 1991 where he learned the basics in jewelry, gemology and customer service.  He later moved to New York City where he studied gemology at the heart of diamond district at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). There he earned his Graduate Gemologist Diploma at the top of his class.  Soon after he moved back to his home state of Colorado where he gained critical high end retail experience with Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and Sonny’s on Fillmore.  Once he returned to New York City he excelled as a multi-task grader at the Gemological Institute of America Laboratory.  While at GIA, Sonny assisted with Gem Lab Instrumentation, assisted with grader training and was a part of an elite team of Fancy Colored Diamond Color Graders.  In addition to his duties he spent his free time continuing to study and gained a GIA Jewelry Business Management Diploma, Pearl Grading Diploma and a Quick Design Diploma.  Sonny continued to work with GIA at the Gem Lab in Carlsbad once he moved to California.  Shortly after his move to California he left GIA and joined the diamond department at Michael Beaudry in Los Angeles.  At Michael Beaudry he not only shared his skill in the diamond department but also assisted in the opening of Michael Beaudry’s flagship jewelry salon, Beaudry Beverly Hills.  Moving forward Sonny studied jewelry design at GIA Carlsbad where gained the GIA Applied Jewelry Arts Diploma graduating once again at the top of his class.  Currently Sonny is working closely with award winning designer Ricardo Basta and Ernie Eichberg at Eichberg jewelers. Sonny is also, using his experience and expertise in Jewelry Appraisals for STM Appraisals and designing for private Sonny Blaze clients.  Sonny is a member of GIA Alumni Association.


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